Experts Reveal Their Little-Known Method You Can Use to Replace Your Roof For Free when Switching to Solar… without paying a single dollar down!


WARNING: If You Want To Replace Your Roof For Free - Read This Entire Page Right Now!

Our proven method allows California Homeowners to get a new roof for free when switching to solar, even if they've been denied solar installation due to roof issues in the past!

This is the secret that PG&E and other Roofing and Solar Companies don't want you to know, but we can't stay quiet! Our unique strategy not only allows you to replace your roof and solar at one time, with one financing program, with no money down, it actually gives you 26% of the cost of your roof replacement by leveraging the existing solar tax credit!

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How We Do It

Less Overhead, Less Touch-Points, More Savings

Because we’re powered by the world's first and only roof and solar sales and procurement cloud-based platform, we’ve cut out the commissioned salesperson, brick and mortar offices, and optimized historically tedious back-office procedures through technology, allowing us to operate lean and with minimal overhead. Our proprietary software allows us to simplify a complex, time-intensive process; further, with our software, we can offer optimal possibilities and the best products and financing options available today.

Roof & Solar Combos started with a clear purpose: to help homeowners by simplifying the process of obtaining a new roof and solar system and doing it at a fraction of the cost of our brick and mortar competitors who only focus on solar or only concentrate on roofing. Our founders wanted to build a business that focused on the customer, their needs, and delivering customized, affordable solutions to them.

Focusing on the customer and their needs continues to be our driving force today. This is why we provide the best warranties in the industry, the best products, and why we provide various financing options. Because at Roof & Solar Combos, we believe you can have the best without sacrificing quality for cost.


Roof and Solar Combos

ROOF & SOLAR COMBOS is perfect for you if:

  • You've been denied solar in the past due to roof issues
  • You're tired of paying high electricity bills
  • You want to save money on replacing your roof
  • You want to use a more eco-friendly energy source
  • You don't know if solar is right for you or your family
  • You want to work with trusted, experienced roofing & solar professionals

Regulations could change at any time, make sure to schedule your free phone consultation today to take advantage of this loophole while you still can!

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Need a New Roof? Switch to Solar!

Replacing your roof can be costly; with Roof & Solar Combos, you can have those costs covered by switching to solar.

Pays for Itself

When you calculate monthly electric bill savings, the savings from the solar system along with government tax incentives help pay for your new roof. Over time, it’s like getting a new roof for free!

Preserve Cash Flow

Instead of liquidating your savings or adding another expenditure to your household to pay for a new roof; you can offset your existing electric utility bill with a roof/solar combo payment that’s fixed and most often less than your current electric bill. Bonus- We offer “same as cash” options and interest rates as low as 0.99%, with no prepayment penalties!

Tax Advantages

You may be able to leverage solar tax incentives to help you pay for a new roof by rolling in your roof replacement into your solar installation agreement; these are major savings that may not be available later *Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Energy Savings

Greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency with a new energy-efficient roof, and protect yourself against rising utility rates with an earth-friendly solar system.

Bonus- You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

Homeowners Insurance Discount

The home feature with the biggest impact on your insurance premiums is your roof, specifically the age of the roof, its current condition, and the roofing materials used. According to recent research conducted by, on average, insurers may reduce your premiums by 20 percent for completely replacing your roof..

Avoid Re-installation Cost

Solar panels last between 25-40 years, which is comparable to the lifetime of a roof. By installing both projects simultaneously, you avoid needing to have your solar panels uninstalled and re-installed when the time comes to replace your aged roof; this could save you thousands in installation costs in the long run.

Bundled Warranties

Roof replacements and solar installations come with two warranties: workmanship warranty and materials warranty. When installing both systems at the same time, your warranties work in synergy to protect your assets.

Increase Home Value

Restore your home’s market value with a new roof and increase its market value by adding solar. According to recent research done by Zillow, homes with solar systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power

Roof Longevity

Installing solar panels can increase the life of your roof, as your new roof will be protected from the elements of the environment.

Maximize Aesthetics

Better solar panel symmetry can be achieved if air ventilation vents are strategically installed during roof replacement providing better overall aesthetic harmony to your roof.

No Finger Pointing

Delivering a successful project starts with thoughtful preparation, execution, and mitigation of communication issues. Obtaining a new roof and solar system by one company provides the advantage of having one company manage your entire solar and roofing needs from onset to completion.

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Bundling Solar Installation & Roofing Saves Money

Roof & Solar Combos helps homeowners across the U.S. by streamlining the process of concurrently obtaining a new roof and switching to solar energy while saving them time and money.

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